Welcome to the beVisioneers online application platform!
Please follow these simple steps to apply:

1. Sign in / register: kindly note that you’ll receive an email from Dream ID to log in for the first time
2. Fill in the application form
3. Upload the required documents
4. Submit your application
5. Record your motivation video: please carefully read this online motivation video process guide before you record your motivation video

Before you apply, please note that eligible fellows for the 2023 cohort:
Age: are between the ages of 16 and 28 at the time of applying,
Country: reside in India, South Africa, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden, Denmark or the United Kingdom, and plan to implement their project idea in one or several of those countries.
Applicants who are outside of this age group or residing in countries other than the ones listed above will not be considered for this first year of the fellowship.

The application process should take less than an hour to complete. You can save your application at any time and come back to it at a later point. Please submit your application and record your motivation video by March 5th. Read more about the applications timeline

A needs-based stipend is available for those who require financial support to participate in the fellowship. Read more about the stipend application process

You can find more information about the fellowship and a Q&A for applicants on the beVisioneers website.

Applications timeline
10 Jan 2023

Find out more about the beVisioneers applications timeline.

Required documents
10 Jan 2023

Documents you’ll need to upload to complete your application

Online motivation video process
10 Jan 2023

Please read the below instructions to understand the recording process before you get started.

Stipend application process
10 Jan 2023

Financial support to participate in the fellowship