How to Apply for the Global Summit

Exciting times lie ahead as we’re thrilled to open the application for the upcoming 2024 Global Summit, an event designed to elevate your impact, connect you with like-minded innovators, and accelerate your projects for positive change.

How to Apply for the Global Summit

Step 1: Access the Application Platform
Start by accessing the application platform using the link here

Step 2: Click “Apply Now”
Once you’re on the application platform, locate and click the “Apply Now” button. This initiates the application process.

Step 3: Use Your Personal Email
You’ll need to provide the personal email address you used for your previous Fellowship application. This helps us link your new application with your existing information.

Step 4: Select the “Yes, Clone My Previous Application (Recommended)” Option
You’ll encounter an option that says, “Yes, clone my previous application (recommended).” We highly recommend choosing this option, as it streamlines the application process by importing your previous data.

Step 5: Fill Out the Application Form
Proceed to complete the application form with your updated information. Ensure that you provide accurate and comprehensive details.

Step 6: Complete the Tasks
There may be specific tasks or questions you need to address as part of your application. Follow the instructions provided to fulfill these requirements.

Step 7: Record Your Video
As part of your application, you might be asked to create an additional video. Follow the platform’s guidance for this task.

Step 8: Submit Your Application
After reviewing your application to confirm that all details are correct and completing all tasks, click the “Submit” button to officially submit your application.

We can’t wait to see your applications and embark on this transformative journey together.

16 Oct 2023