beVisioneers Interview Guide

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Guide to beVisioneers applicants who have been invited for an interview

Do you have been invited for an interview with the beVisioneers team?
Congratulations on making it this far in the admissions process!
Below you will find answers to your most pressing questions about your upcoming interview.

Why me?
You have been invited because we have been impressed by your project idea and personality!

What will be discussed during the interview?
We want to get to know you better, understand your project more in-depth, how you see it develop, and your motivation for joining the fellowship.

How long will the interview be?
The interview will last for 10 minutes. Please be on time, since we won’t be able to stay longer in the conversation than the time planned.

Who will interview me?
You will be interviewed by beVisioneers team members.

Where will the interview take place?
The interview will take place on the tech platform Zoom.
If you don’t have Zoom on your computer or phone, please download it before the interview, and create a free account to be able to connect with us during the interview.

How to book my interview slot?
Applicants who are invited for an interview will receive an email including a calendar booking link.
You will be able to use it to book a time that works for you.
Please use the same name and email address that you used to apply for beVisioneers on the application platform to book your interview slot.

When will the interviews take place?
Interviews will take place between April 02 and 30 2024. You will be able to book a time slot between those dates.

What can I do to prepare myself for my interview?
Tech-wise, download Zoom on your computer or phone, and create a free account to be able to connect with us during the interview.

Content-wise, you may read about beVisioneers on the website.
You can also watch the below short videos to learn more about the fellowship:
What does the beVisioneers fellowship program look like?
What makes the beVisioneers fellowship unique?

You may think about what motivates you to develop your project idea, how you may develop it, how the fellowship can help you develop it, and how you may contribute to the fellowship and other fellows.

I booked an interview slot but I cannot make it anymore. Can I cancel and reschedule?
Yes, absolutely. You can first cancel your appointment by replying the invitation as No and then use the same link you have received to schedule an interview in your original invitation email to book another appointment. You can cancel your appointment at any time before your interview.
Keep in mind that the interviews will take place until 30 April 2024.

Any last recommendations?
Choose a quiet space to have your interview, so we can hear you well, and you won’t be disturbed or distracted by other people or noises.
Also, make sure to have good lighting conditions so we can see you well!
The background doesn’t have to be fancy, nor your clothes.
Just be yourself, that’s enough :)
And don’t forget to have fun!

If you have any further questions, you are welcome to email us at

28 Mar 2024